T615-J | Tekxach | Drakkite

Refsheet Image

Art by Hacony - click/tap the image for full version

General Info

T615-J Hazardous Materials Drone - Cyberpunk rubber service unit

  • Nicknames: T615-J, T6, Drone, Hazmat
  • Species: Drone, dragon (Living rubber)
  • Height: ~6ft (180cm)
  • Gender: Male (it)
  • Orientation: Gay/grey ace

  • Contractable, affordable, disposable worker
    • Suited for working in environments with hazardous chemicals or high voltages present
    • It is preprogrammed with some knowledge of chemistry and engineering
  • Its body is made entirely of rubber
  • Most gear is detachable (As shown on refsheet)
  • Capable of complex reasoning and weak emotions
    • These can be toggled on or off individually by an operator
  • Its mask releases various chemicals that aid in keeping it docile and obedient, as well as conditioning behaviours into it
  • Its collar is permanently fused with its neck and serves as a surface for an electromagnetic leash to attach


Black Latex Primary #E4A943 Secondary #222222 Gear/Visor #595959 Gear secondary #313139 Jacket #47474F Hood #2A2A2A Pants #43CBE5 Accent #E15554 Accent 2

Artist Notes

  • Digitigrade, should have a buff physique
  • Fairly squishy; creases up a bit at joints etc
  • Don’t miss the subtle markings on the wings
  • It is a living rubber creature, not a suit or robot
  • A PNG of its proper barcode can be found here for optional use.