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General Info

  • Name: FERR1TE (AKA “Ferrite”)
  • Species: Steel construct
  • Gender: Male (He/him/it)
  • Orientation: Gay/grey ace
  • Height: 2.1m (7ft)
  • Weight: 1200 kg (2650 lbs)

Steel #D2B86E #EC3030 #002FAC #5DC0FC

Created as an experimental heavy-duty defense system, FERR1TE’s solid steel composition provides excellent endurance, allowing him to act both offensively and defensively.

Shunned by much of society for what he was created for, he wanders about looking for those who will accept him for who he is.


  • He contains a fairly minimal amount of robotics, as his living-metal body is what allows him to move.
  • His maw is a furnace capable of melting steel to regenerate his plating, and as such he loves to snack on things made of iron and steel.
  • Despite appearances, he tends to act cute and cuddly.