T615-J | Resin | Tekxach | Drakkite

Refsheet Image

Art by Rykeus - click/tap the image for full version

General Info

  • Name: Resin Drake
  • Species: Living rubber dragon
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Gay/grey ace

Resin is a squeaky, shiny rubber toy dragon, with a bit of a dom lean. Usually he dons black latex shorts which are hard to discern from his black latex body.


  • Is usually fairly soft and squishy
  • Has a relatively low melting point
  • Squeaks a bit as he moves
  • Can be very dommy or very subby depending on the mood or individual

Black Latex #CD822A

  • Don’t colourpick from ref! Use your natural black latex tone.
    • It’s a good thing if latex gear is about the same tone and texture as him!