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General Info

  • Name: Tekxach /ˈtɛʼzɑk/
  • Species: Basilisk
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Bounty hunter
  • Orientation: Gay/grey ace
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral


  • Hypnotic gaze: Faintly glowing eyes
    • Locks the victim in more or less instantly, works to aid and work alongside petrifying gaze
  • Petrifying gaze: pure blue-white energy eyes
    • Petrification is usually slow, global change to the victim’s body, becoming stiffer and heavier over the course of 10-30s until the victim is entirely stone
    • Naturally reverses if eye contact is broken prematurely

Other Traits

  • Charismatic, slippery, will try to use his silver tongue to barter and negotiate
  • Will use his gaze to intimidate and coerce, if not fully incapacitate
  • Likes to utilise concealed weapons/armor to get the upper hand
    • Proficient with compact/pocket weapons and most one-handed blades
  • Treats his gaze victims like trophies/art; has a hoard of them somewhere