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Art by GlaucaBlitz - click/tap the image for full version


#7C8086 #C7FFFF

General Info

  • Name: Drakkite
  • Species: Gargoyle
  • Gender: Male (he/him, it/its)
  • Weight 250kg (551lbs)
  • Orientation: Gay/grey ace

Animated by dark magic, Drakkite is a stone gargoyle that comes to life in the darkness. He is vicious, agile, flying hunter with a body resistant to most attacks. During the day, he may perch on the rooftops, wear a cloak to cover himself from the light, or seek refuge somewhere indoors.

Eyes cease to glow when inanimate.


  • Surprisingly swift and agile for a creature made of stone, and can fly
  • Highly resistant to nonmagical slashing attacks (swords, axes, etc)
  • Can become inanimate at will, giving the appearance of an ordinary statue
  • Does not need food, air, or sleep, and is as immortal as his stone body allows
  • Expert at the game Moving Statues


  • Movement slows and becomes lethargic in light; becomes completely inanimate in daylight (or other strong UV light)
    • Can wear a hood to mitigate the effects of light
  • Brittle, thus damage resistance can be bypassed with very heavy bludgeoning or piercing
  • Can be temporarily incapacitated with Dispel Magic or Antimagic Field
  • Can’t swim